A new journey into your interior through writing

Por Rodrigo Moral

«Writing as an Inner Journey 2: New Exercises One for Each Week of the Year to Heal Emotionally» is the second part of the original book whose success has been really great. It proposes 52 new writing exercises to externalize, understand and strengthen our inner world.

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This book was born to bring new challenges and experiences to the original «Writing as an Inner Journey: One Exercise Per Week so that in a year you can make peace with yourself».


  • Belinda Tartt (55 years old, Michigan, Detroit): «All the week I go back to exercise and write what flows, it doesn’t matter how many times but what comes out.»
  • Julia Hill (69 years old, Augusta): «Every exercise makes me work and think. It’s amazing the things that come out. And it’s soothing.»
  • Lupita Bass (47 years old, San Antonio): «Sometimes I can’t wait a week and I look for an exercise and write. It helps me get through the days and get to writing.»


The proposed writing is far from narrative or communicative formality. It is a writing of impulse, of vitality, of the manifestation of ourselves. This book wants you to find your space, take a seat and get to the bottom of your most intimate issues. If there are things that are limiting or hurting you, you can work to reflect on it.

On this occasion, Rodrigo Moral, author of the manual «The ABC of Creative Writing», embarked on the arduous task of creating more than five dozen new exercises that were equally or more useful and introspective than those in the first book. Thus, he renewed his search for originality to model them in an attractive way.


Writing exercises channel a large amount of emotional energy and promote important cognitive work. It is a matter of soul, spiritual and mental work. In this sense, the author proposes that to write about what we are is to think and understand ourselves, so that we can begin to build what we want to be.


Raison d’être
Choose the object that seems to you the most prosaic, vulgar in the house. Give it value. It exists for a reason. If it was done, if you have it there, it is because something in its essence indicates that in some aspect it is needed or wanted. Write about its raison d’être.

Instructions for giving a hug

Write down each of the steps needed to hug the people you feel are doing. But I suggest you do it from back to front, in the opposite direction, starting, for example, with «Finally separate and look into each other’s eyes.»

Mother’s womb
Write a letter to your mother to reach her during the pregnancy that brought you into the world. You’re in her womb, surrounded by the warmth and protection of her placenta. What do you ask of him?


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Thank you for your time. Good life

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