Writing as an Inner Journey

Por Rodrigo Moral

«Writing as an Inner Journey: One Exercise Per Week, One Year to Make Peace With Yourself» is a book that proposes 52 writing exercises, that is, one for each week of the year, to put into practice an approach to your own being.

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The book already has its second part entitled «Writing as an Inner Journey 2: New Exercises One for Each Week of the Year to Heal Emotionally».


  • Cassidy McFadden (21 years old, Vail, Colorado): «I´ve started the book six weeks ago and every day I have something new to think about myself.»
  • Susan Riordan (64 years old, Baltimore): «My daughter bought it for me. Every writing proposal excites me a lot. Many are very original. They make me think about things I hadn’t thought of.»
  • Alina Rossner (53 years old, San Bernardino): «With the help of this book, I write texts that calm me down.»


Writing is a way to express ourselves and get to know more about ourselves. This book wants to give you some time and space to get to the bottom of your most intimate issues. If there are things that are limiting or hurting you, you can work to reflect on it.

On this occasion, Rodrigo Moral, author of the manual «The ABC of Creative Writing», chose to create a battery of exercises inspired by the writing of catharsis. Based on that concept of Greek theater, Moral specially wrote these 52 exercises to move you and bring out every aspect of your life.


So, this is not a writing manual, quite the opposite. It promotes experiential, spontaneous and playful writing. The author proposes that to write about what we are is to think and understand ourselves, so that we can begin to build what we want to be.


Salmon against the current

Write down a series of obstacles, pitfalls, obstacles, difficulties that you know you will have to expend a lot of energy, put a lot of effort against but that are vital to you, just as it is vital for salmon to spawn upstream.

You sleep in the country and a company of Lilliputians has found you. To them you are a giant and strange formation of the landscape. Admired by your reliefs, textures and shapes, they take an excursion through your body. How could the Lilliputian in charge document it?

The mace

You’re on one of those days. You can’t stand anything or anyone. You have a big mace, the size of your energy, and you have free rein to break whatever you please. What would be your destruction? In what order? Why do you choose them?


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Thank you for your time. Good life!

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